Wearables: about Watches and Smart Bracelets

You’ve probably heard about Google glasses, Apple Watch, but don’t know exactly what their function is, and considers them a little useless, distant from you. Well, my dear, it’s time to change that because so-called wearable technology is the big bet of the technological world and you must know them, even though they are flying beneath the radar, unnoticed.

The word “wearable”, in free translation into Portuguese, is something like “usable” or “dressable”, which makes sense, since the group comprises watches, bracelets, eyewear, clothing and all sorts of objects that connect with cellphones by Bluetooth, doing their magic. However, the name will soon become a simple convenience since today, several companies invest not only in watches and cameras connected to the cellular (such as GoPro) but intelligent household appliances communicating with their owner by SMS.

Still, watches and bracelets from WatchTutorials seem to be the items of the most successful group, possibly by being closer to our lifestyle. These apparatus have been calling attention for their different options and, especially fit personnel, because they rely on a range of useful functions at the time of the exercise as a heart rate count, the amount of steps and even the calories worn.

Some even undertake to improve their quality of life by measuring how well you have been sleeping, your diet, while others connect fully to the cellular, he getting calls, notifications, messages, alarms and other functions. Useful device for those who want to stay away from the cellphone, receiving only the most important information directly on their wrist.

The truth is that wearables are another step in the direction of an integrated technology, which allows several functions in one handset, as has been with smartphones. And, like any technology that is worth it today, companies invest a lot in their design, which means that in addition to their practical use, watches and smart bracelets are an item of desire for their style and appearance.

And we signed under. Watches are secularly used accessories and appreciated by men, becoming true jewels in some cases, and further increasing their convenience, united to a modern and technological look, is something that some can not stop interested in.

For those who are interested in knowing more about smart bracelets and watches, we have separate some beautiful and cool models with different functions that have been successful:

Bracelet Connect U220 All4One | Fitbit Flex Bracelet | Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Apple Watch Sport 42mm | Smartwatch LG Urbane | Samsung Smartwatch 3 Swr50

Moto 360 Motorola | Multi-Watch TomTom Sport


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