Vinyl Records Transformed into Modern Watches

Who said that vinyl records were already passé? Perhaps have retreated significantly in the field of music, but the most daring designers, those who always go hunting for originality, decontextualizing objects and creating eccentricities, they have rescued this old music from the clutches of oblivion stand and have located it in the latest interior design, making each of these vinyls in modern wall clocks as which we can see on the picture. A twist to this common element with getting a very innovative effect.

Vinyl has become the center of the clock which if located handles and around him operates the creativity of the designer who creates various forms and settings music surrounding the disk to complete the design of the clock of one is striking. Thus, we can find several different models, several decorative motifs that have been punched each of the vinyl to finally bring them to one of our walls of the home according to thereligionfaqs.

This fantastic idea joins the long list of original designs of wall clocks made with dominoes, sticks, and even imitating literary fantasies such as saga Watch Weasley Harry Potter. In this case, the author is a young Estonian Designer Pavel Sidorenko called. The success of the idea has allowed him to develop and extend its own online store through which we can purchase many of their peculiar clocks, notably the image, inspired by the musical universe of jazz. A watch which combines Audible Magic with the romanticism and the spark of originality.

Thanks to this creativity, the vinyl back in fashion and can return pointing ways to each of the houses, exposed in an outstanding way and with a purely decorative role. You have a wall clock has never been so much fun… get a personal home touch and takes the music to your walls. Pavel Sidorenko can help you get it, why not you take a peek to his tent and you get a more complete view of all your work? Surely there is a clock shaped vinyl waiting for you with its best melody…

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