Smart Watches with Beautiful and Inexpensive Android!

Smart watches are not popularized in Brazil and the reasons why this has not happened are simple, the fact that they have arrived fairly expensive and without many design options and colours, made many people give up the idea of owning a smartwatch.

The options available are templates offered by LG brands, Motorola, Samsung and Apple and prices vary between r $500.00 and R $3,000.00, values deemed common for traditional appliances lasting decades, but rather expensive for electronics that need to be recharged at least once a day and that rely on fewer application options available and many complaints.

As always China is not below when the subject is low-cost technology, in the Chinese virtual shop TinyDeal It is possible to find appliances with values from us $13.00 to us $100.00 mainly depend on the design, quality of appliances and technology present in the system of the appliance.

The cheaper smart watches do not have Android, but they can still propose a good experience with the present system. Connecting via Bluetooth, you can receive notifications of messages, social networking, calls and other applications, besides being able to take a picture with the camera on the phone using the smartwatch. They also rely on the functions of pedometer, odometer, stopwatch, thermometer, alarm and various other functions that can be used in hiking, racing, cycling and other sports.

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Even costing from US $13.00 the low-cost intelligent watches are waterproof. The image model below costs US $13.00 and can be purchased by this link: our site.

See more templates in this link: our site.Good quality smart watches

The most expensive smart watches have more robust sensors such as sleep monitor, cardiac monitor, weather forecast and even a function called “cell phone locator” that helps you find your lost cellphone if it is nearby. The material is also different, rather than plastic and rubber, you can buy an intelligent stainless steel watch and elegant.

The image model below is an example of elegant, sturdy, waterproof smatwatch, and it costs $ $50.00. It can be purchased in black or gold color via the page: our site.

See more templates in this link: our site.Smart Bracelets on Promotion

Among the promotions of smart watches, are also intelligent bracelets that are competitors of the Xiaomi Mi Band that has the function of monitoring sleep and other physical activities. Among them it is possible to highlight the low-cost competitor that brings all the functions of Mi Band to a value below US $10.00 and free shipping to Brazil.

Link to buy it: our site.

See more templates in this link: our site.

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