Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date just Lady

The stainless steel versions of the Rolex Date just look timeless and sporty.

If a watch can be called timeless and also has a high recognition value, then the Rolex Date just with 36 millimeter housing. Already in 1945 it came on the market and changed itself since the optical hardly since. The Date just is not an explicit ladies’ model, but it looks particularly stylish on the female wrist.

Whether justified or not: Rolex-wearing men are known to have a certain reputation. If the men’s watch is – at least in a simple sporty version – but on a female wrist, the world of prejudices looks quite different: dynamic, successful and emancipated, the wearer appears, especially if it is a model of the Swiss luxury brand, Which is actually a men’s watch and does not seem too elegant. One such Rolex is the Date just with 36 millimeter housing.

Recognition: The cycloplupe

The Oyster Perpetual Date just was launched in 1945 and was the first watertight Chronometer with self-winding mechanism, which displays the date in a viewing window on the three-o’clock position of the dial. Therefore the name. Over the years, the design has been slightly modified, the famous Zykloplupe has been added, which expands the date two and a half times, makes reading easier and is one of Rolex’s trademarks. The 36-millimeter Oyster housing, a water-tight housing patented in 1926, is either made of stainless steel or gold at Date just.

Oyster Perpetual Date just by Rolex

All Date just watches are waterproof up to 100 meters. They are equipped either with a so-called Jubilee bracelet, a five-row metal bracelet developed for the Date just in 1945, a leather band or a three-row metal band. The dial displays hour, minute and second hands and the date display at three o’clock. The date change is automatic, and the time can be set exactly by means of a second stop. The movement is mechanically self-winding.

Simply Plain: The Stainless Steel Variant of Date Just

In the simplest version of stainless steel and with a white dial, the Date just looks unobtrusive and sporty-elegant. Above the rectangular in dices are represented very small on the margins Roman numerals. The Jubilee bracelet is also made of stainless steel, the bezel is cambered and unmarked. Alternatively, a black dial is available. A little less discreet is the bicolor version of yellow gold and stainless steel with ribbed bezel and golden in dices and hands. If desired, the version is also available with a champagne-colored and diamond-studded dial. Particularly sumptuous, but less busine-friendly, are the versions made entirely of yellow gold, which partly also have a diamond-studded bezel.

New Feminine Date Just Finishes

On the Rolex website, under a separate menu item with the name “Date just 36 MM”, further varieties of the watch classic are presented which can not be found under the tab “Date just”. They are particularly feminine models with diamonds, white, brown or beige leather straps and partly flowered, rose dials. The American ski driver Lindsay Vonn is currently the testimonial of such a women’s date just. Timeless are these partial somewhat kitschy remarks however not. But the simple Rolex Date just will probably never go out of style. And click BIOTIONARY for rolex watch reviews.


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