Only the Highest Price and Size iPhone Will Wear Sapphire

The date is approaching, and as usual the rumors of the new iPhone and possible iWatch intensify, being now the same The Wall Street Journal who dares to say that Apple will use sapphire in its next devices.

Much has been the information and rumors surrounding the production of sapphire, where many media a few days ago had mentioned that Apple would not use this material due to high production costs, which would certainlyraise the price of the product Considerably. But now everything seems to indicate that it is not so.

The information obtained by WSJ also mentions that the use of sapphire crystal on the screens, will be limited to the equipment of greater size and price, which leaves open the possibility of having four iPhone devices in the market, the four inches, the 5c, And the new ones of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, where the latter would be the ones that carried sapphire according to

Likewise, it is said that the sapphire would not be exclusive to the iPhone, as we would also see it in the future wearable company. The problem here is that both larger computers and the iWatch would have a much higher price, since using sapphire costs Apple $ 16 more per device, which will undoubtedly affect the final price.

Fortunately we are not so far from knowing the future products of Apple, since to confirm the rumors, next 9 of September we will know if the screens with sapphire crystal are the secret weapon of Cupertino.

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