Make Smart Watches Totally Independent

One of the big problems on the portable platforms for smart watches is related to their direct dependence on a smartphone. With Android Wear 2.0 recently announced by Google during Google I/O 2016, this is about to change.

The new system, expected to be released in the second half, will represent a major step in the independence of smart clocks, supporting dedicated applications.

The new platform could, for example, integrate even better apps responsible for fitness, such as calorie counters and physical exercise monitors;As well as better support for instant messengers with the right implementation of keyboards, handwriting recognition tools, and intelligent responses.

New design

The design of Android Wear will also be upgraded to Material Design, being tailored for a better user experience, taking advantage of every inch of the screen for useful information.

App notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen, and the apps drawer will be located at the top, always within reach for when needed.

The Watch Faces of clocks can now be customized to display information relevant to the user, and can be configured to display content from applications such as Google Fit, Spotify, Strava, and many others, including third-party apps.

Better messaging interaction

When you receive a message with Android Wear 2.0, users will see the full-screen content (as opposed to a small notification as it happens in the current version), and you can respond to messages by just sliding your finger across the screen.

When clicking on the message, a menu with several options will appear, where the user will be able to choose between answering through voice, emojis, intelligent answers, keyboards, or even writing on the screen, thanks to the ability of handwriting recognition.

Better monitoring of physical activities

The new version of Android Watch will give a greater emphasis to health and fitness.The system brings a better understanding of what your users are doing, and in conjunction with the new Fit Platform Activity Recognition API, you can automatically detect whether the individual is running, walking, pedaling or even sleeping.

As you gather these data and learn about their owner’s habits, Android Watch 2.0 can even begin to suggest apps based on the type of movement being performed.

Greater independence

Applications will now be able to directly access data networks, without having to rely on a smartphone or tablet to do so.If your smart watch has an LTE connection, for example, like LG Watch Urbane, you can access your list of songs on Spotify and listen to them through your Bluetooth headset without even needing your smartphone.

Thanks to the new APIs implemented in Android Wear 2.0, you can also get content directly from the cloud, from places like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, among many others.

Best of all, even iPhone users will be able to benefit from this news, something that should cause some Apple Watch to be sold at, after all, the product has already been harshly criticized ( including by Apple’s former CEO ) for Be very dependent on iPhones.

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