Chopard Watches – at the Forefront of Haute Horlogerie

The peace and stability of the Swiss Jura mountains has brought forth many watchmakers. And it seemed to be laid also Louis-Ulysse Chopard almost in the cradle to become well-known clockmaker. Even a very well known. Today, some of the most valuable and most demanding watches of the world carry his initials in the name: L.U.C…

Chopard watches

The ambitious Chopard at the age of 24 in a small workshop in the village of Sonvilier had started. In no time, he won many admirers of his works and had even customers in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. After his death in 1915, his son Paul Louis Chopard assumed the deal ft and of 1921 according to La Chaux de Fonds, Chopard 1937 there joined, where the company until today its headquarters has shifted: the world capital of luxury watches in Geneva.

Chopard was a family already in its third generation, as this tradition threatened to tear. In fact, since 1963, no Chopard more controls the fortunes of the company. And yet it is a family-run House, which sets up today especially great value on it to be independent and to be paid not in one of the big luxury goods companies. For three years after the 100th birthday took about Karl Scheufele, who came from a dynasty of clockmakers in the German Pforzheim, the operation and made Chopard in the following decades to a brand respected worldwide for watch lovers at all. Scheufele expanded the company and turned it into an internationally renowned jeweler.

Still, the family Scheufele independently determines the future strategies. Today, jewels from the House of Chopard is among the most valuable pieces of craft. Since 1980 Chopard but also has made himself a name as a manufacturer of sporty and elegant watches the upper price segment, which inspire through their high manufacturing depth, precision and durability. Since 1988, Chopard is partner of the vintage car race Mille Miglia, which held annually in Italy.

Ten years later Chopard takes a long role at the most glamorous Film Festival in the world and is partner of the Cannes Festival. Chopard has long arrived at the top which Haute Horlogerie and pays attention to quality. The company was co-initiator of the Fleurier Quality Foundation (AAA), an independent association that verifies the quality of Swiss watches.

The Chopard watch collections

Since 1996, Chopard again has an own factory in the Swiss Jura. Here are l.u.c.-movements designed and manufactured. A year later the L.U.C.. voted in 1860 passion for the watch of the year with its own caliber by the Swiss magazine of Montres. In 2000, a world premiere follows with the notion of the L.U.C Quattro. This new movement with four barrels allows a power reserve of nine days. 2001 to launch the first tonneau-shaped movement with automatic winding and eccentric motor, 2007 Chopard presents finally L.U.C. 10 CF his first automatic chronograph movement with, for the three patents were filed.

All watches made by Chopard are COSC chronometer certified and are also ennobled with the still höherwertigerem AAA logo. Many Chopard timepiece, from the collections of the La Strada or Imperial, are unisex watches via rrrjewelry. For gentleman who appreciate the masculine character of a high-quality watch, especially Three Chopard collections offered.

Classic collection racing

The collection is divided into two series of classic racing. In addition, there are several special models, about the Grand Prix de Monaco, since Chopard is also official timekeeper of this race on the street circuit since 2002. Around 40 models include the Mille Miglia series. Some recall the bold design modern racing cars, others tribute of the 20th century the German chassis at the beginning of the silver housing and again others are reminiscent of the elegant beauty of the faucets in antique cars.

No question that the variety of complications is similar, such as the diversity of the entire collection. The superfast series is characterized by even sportier case and bracelets. One exception is characterized this series by a striking 12 and consistently dark color out.

L.U.C collection.

The l.u.c.-collection reminds of the founder of the company. Not only the quality typical for Chopard and precision, but also a particularly rich variety of complications of highest degree is in it. Flagship of the collection is the L.U.C Louis Ulysse – the tribute from 18-carat white gold and a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. This chronometer designed as a Pocket Watch can be worn on the wrist. There are also 31 classic watches with hour and minute display. But also two Chronograph, five watches with moon phase, nine with Tourbillon and two large complication. The two all-in-one models really leave nothing to be desired. Almost every conceivable additional function inside them.

Classic collection

More sophisticated than in one of the ten classic models, understatement can not therefore come. Lovers of simple elegance offer usually large dials and timeless style for those who want to not only relive history, but wear the watches. The coronation of timeless watchmaking art paired with expression art increasingly back the three classic are manufacture models.

From Germany around the globe

The family Scheufele is headquartered to this day in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim. The city in Baden-Württemberg was known since 1767 for 200 years for their great watchmaking tradition. An era that faded with the quartz crisis. And yet the development of, the Chopard and the L.U.C.. went from here from the mid-1960s-movements made famous. Today, there are Chopard boutiques all over the world.

Shortly before the 150th anniversary Avenue in New York was opened on Madison 2010 the 100th Boutique of company. The flagship store is 280 square metres in size. The L.U.C.EUM was opened in 2006 to mark the tenth anniversary of the manufacture in Fleurier. In this Museum, admire masterpieces of watchmaking from different eras and regions of Europe. Works from the House of Chopard make their owners with good care and properly handling many, many years of enjoyment. Regular maintenance is important, however. In over 130 countries on all continents, there are now boutiques and official contractors by Chopard.

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