Apple Leads in the Market for Smart Watches

Apple is not just in the smartphone, tablet and computer market.It has been some time that the company began to adapt to provide the needs of the market, so a few months ago released its version in the music streaming industry.The company was also responsible for Apple Watch, the smart watch considered by many as the “spark” needed for this industry.

The company Juniper Research has conducted a new survey on sending smart watches in 2015, and it looks like Apple has been winning. According to the analysis information, about 52% of devices shipped are from Apple.The numbers are really good, especially considering that they were only released at the end of April.

Devices shipping with Android Wear were only responsible for 10% of that market, compared to Apple’s very small number.With Tizen even smaller, it seems that Samsung was unable to make Gear S2 as popular as it wished.

Anyway, analyst James Moar of Juniper Research revealed that 2015 was one of the most important years for the smartwatch sector.However, manufacturers are hoping consumers will start buying more style devices.

“The newer devices have offered more polished visuals with different functions, but there are no major changes in device features or usage. With the functions of established smartwatchs, it is now up to consumers to decide whether they want, rather than Technology providing more reasons, “said Moar.

Manufacturers are already developing more choices for consumers with better hardware and software, and that’s likely to increase numbers that year.A new version of Apple Watch is expected to launch later this year, with more features to help consumers in day-to-day activities.

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