Windows RT, Pro, 8-What Is What?

Web TV: Microsoft has launched new concepts in the Windows world. What is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

Tablet computer Microsoft Surface with Windows RT is in stores in Denmark, but the difference on Windows RT and Windows 8 is not just to understand for customers who are not power users.

At a press conference in Copenhagen tried Microsoft itself to explain which version can what.

Briefly summarized:

Windows RT’s tablet edition of Windows 8. It can run the applications that reside on “tiles” in Windows 8, as well as special editions of desktop applications written for the ARM processor. URF.eks. included Office suite in a particular Windows RT version.

Windows 8 is the large, right, Windows-version, which both can run ordinary programs as known from previous Windows versions – the so-called X 86 environment, as well as the new Windows 8-apps, known from the tiles in Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface can be found in an RT-version. It is this that has just been put up for sale in Denmark. In the United States also negotiated Microsoft Surface in a pro version that contains a complete Windows 8.

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