What Toys Encourage the Concentration?

The mere fact of play can be an exercise in concentration for a child, but still need to offer games that will help him develop his abilities. Catherine WATINE, responsible advice to a game library in Montreuil.

According to behealthybytomorrow, toys are not only a source of exchanges within the family but they also allow the child to develop his imagination and his concentration. You can help in this direction by choosing the right toys and respecting some basic rules. Must of course take account of the evolution of your child and his areas of interest that are unique.

From 0 to 3 Years: to You to Apply

In this age group, children develop senses and its logic. He is so interested in games of different textures, which make noise and move.
In this age group, the child learns to master his sense (hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste) and its ability to observe.
He easily will focus its attention on everything that gives it sensations.
It is also during this period that he discovered the logic of its surroundings.
Initially, it is up to you to apply and then gradually it will ask you for this or that game. You will then know what pleases him most and so you can exercise its ability to focus on his favorite toys.
What you can offer
To develop his sense
– Rattles sound and multicolored with different textures.
-Wooden toys because it is a warm material that has weight and makes noise when it falls.
-To develop his logic: games of casing, stacking, tops, toys to ball.
What to avoid and why
-Too request your child as it bored him.
-Laugh of his failures because it may be off-putting.

From 3 to 6 Years: Let Him Play Only

Your child discovers the social life, he seeks to imitate you and continues to develop physical skills. It can start games, be passionate about everything that allows him to do “as the big’ and spend a long time with its construction.
During this period, your child’s imagination is growing enormously. His gestures are also more precise and, above all, age 5, he can start to want to play with others.
Construction and board games are the good ways to develop their attention span. It will be also very focused playing alone in the garage or shop. These are important moments during which he imitates the lives of adults and settle its own conflicts (the doctor gave me a shot, I’m one to my doll)
What you can offer:
To develop his imagination
-Castles, Pirate ships, dolls, garages
To develop its agility and its logic
-Construction toys
To develop his sociability
-Board games but only based on random because they cannot not yet develop strategy (for example “the game of the goose”, “small horses”…)
What to avoid and why
-Interrupt into full play, because it cuts his concentration.
-Force him to finish a game. He has the right to stop, otherwise play is no longer a pleasure for him but a constraint.
-Put the games in a closed closet. It takes the contrary staging that your child go spontaneously toward them.

From 6 to 12 Years: Help Him to Develop His Taste of Others

In this age group, the logical mind develops and friends begin to take place. Your child can be attracted by sophisticated construction toys and inventive Board Games.
In this age group, children have a great need of sociability.
They can understand a rule, share it and concentrate until at the end of a long game.
It is therefore the ideal age for Board Games. But building games and those who maintain the imaginary are always welcome.
What you can offer
To develop his concentration
-Board games that require strategy and tactics (E.g.: “Gygamic”, “Abalone”, “Monopoly”, “Cluedo”).
-Playing cards (“battle”, “yellow dwarf”…)
To develop their skill and their imagination
-Construction games (eg: ‘Lego’)
What to avoid and why
-Do not finish a game because it means that you do not grant great interest in the game for which your child has made the effort to focus and that’s a bad example of tenacity.
-Prevent video games because that is part of its culture, it could be marginalized at school. It is up to you to manage time spent on this type of games.


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