What to Wear to a Wedding in Winter

You have a wedding in the winter and you have no idea what to wear? Follow our tips and be inspired by the beauty of the clothes of the collections fall winter 2013. Find them in our photo gallery.

You can just make a shopping trip to realize that when it comes to special occasion dresses, or at least more formal dresses, there’s not a big difference between summer and winter, and that most stylish that you find in the shop are very light fabrics.

There are however also woolens, though undoubtedly a maxi silk dress can, according to SOCIETYPICALLY, look more elegant, the important thing is that it is not too short, considering that, in any case, the sock should be strictly clear waters, although many prefer to wear opaque tights, matter of taste. If the wedding is at night, you can also wear a long dress.

Wearing a very light you have to choose carefully the coats, which on the contrary, it must be elegant but warm. Yes the dark coat or a neutral color, soft wool dusters and furs. Nothing too sporty cut jackets or jackets, warm and practical but not at all elegant undoubtedly.

Yes to high shoes, in line with fashion trends with a thicker heel, best avoided in case of snow or open toe shoes instead of rain may prove problematic. For the hairstyle you have undoubtedly a lot of freedom of choice, you can wear your hair pinned, but remembering to cover the neck with a stole or a woolen shawl, or opt for a hairstyle that covers the neck, maybe a chignon very low. You need inspiration? We take some ideas fromCouture Fall Winter 2012-2013.


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