Wearables Will Be the Future? [Vote]

Producers seem sure of it, but what says our site readers to the new wave of smartphone-centric gadgets?

The list gets longer and longer, when you have to list all the wearables up that are on the market, or who are on their way. The big firms reckon that wearables are new, lush pastures for them, and therefore rates of several big names of wearables.

Here on the mobile site, we have even tested the Samsung Gear 2 recently, and we’ve also had his fingers in a few Google Glass, where we had demonstrated some of the features, and are predominantly optimistic, if only so the idea more than the products as they are right now.

But what do you mean about wearables? It will be the future, or runs it all out in the sand? Finally, type a justification and your thoughts to your answer in the comment box!

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