Vavo Universal Holder for Mobile and Tablet

Glue the Vavo to your phone or tablet and let it stand alone. So you can sit back and enjoy a movie without having to hold the phone.

Vavo is a holder for mobile phones and tablets, the adhesive to the back and can be taken on and off, without leaving residues of glue on the device.

I have often taken myself in to balance my mobile up by books, chargers, coffee cups, or what is now just at hand, it is never really good.

One of my previous phones (Sony Ericsson W910i) solved the problem partially. by equipping the unit with a small Pat on the back, so that the phone could stand, however, it was never really good.

Vavo is a now over our site project, which is soon expected to make entry into the retail trade. UDSProducts is the company behind Vavo and has made a short introductory video here. Visit your company here.

The expected price for Vavo are 15 dollars (approximately 84 dollars).


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