Vätternrundan Cycling Race

Road: Vätternrundan beats on their gong to alert all cyclists on that it is only a few days left before the notification window for next year’s race will be closed.

Vätternrundan themselves:

“Now it is only 21 days left …

Right now, the fall in interest in the party and the minute. Have you noticed that you must make application and form groups last October 31 in order to receive your registration code and the ability to subscribe to Vätternrundan on the 4th of november at. 19.00?

Three important stuff to keep track of:

  • Interest will close on 31 October at.23:59.
  • It is also the date that you as a group leader must have completed the group.That is to say that all that should be part of your group should have a registration code from you and gone into my pages and accepted the invitation.
  • Registration opens 4 november at.19.00 (NOTE!You must have your registration code ready)
  • When you have received a place assigned, you have 5 days to pay.Otherwise, go to the site waiting list.

On registration day, go to vatternrundan.se and will be redirected to a temporary registration page. Paste your or your group’s application code and press Report. Then you just have to wait.

If you have found a place gets an email the day after asking you to pay to confirm that you want to ride. If you do not, you can point back to the waiting list.

Registration code, you can only access if you make your own interest. If you have been intresseanmäld in a group is the group leader who manages the registration with the registration code.

All interest effected on my pages.

If you feel unsure of how interest works, you can follow the steps in our simple step-by-step on the website, or read the FAQ.

Start Times & Rides
Registration for the start times and the rides are in full swing and the races are becoming more popular. Perhaps because they can be a perfect run-up to the big race. Or because you want to make a Tjejklassiker or Halvklassiker. Or is it just that it’s so beautiful courses? We do not know, but it is clear that they are great experiences. Take the opportunity to register before they become full. Notification on my pages. The notification procedure differs somewhat from Vätternrundan so take the opportunity to read Step by step before you sign up! ”

A lot of information, but if you look at the large number of participants, it is the actual notification the least difficult step on the way towards the target in Motala … More about Kirsten and how to enter can be found on the new website.

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