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In Taiwan, pole mobile of Sony representatives spoke about the future connection of USB Type-C. Be it presents on their upcoming devices? Without truly away from their projects, it would seem that it should be excluded for the moment to consider a smartphone or a tablet with a suitable port.

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According to Takeshi Nitta, program manager at the project at Sony Mobile Tokyo, office admit their will be some time before this transition, more so than them is currently not necessary. In fact, Sony is not of immediate interest to want to be the first to open up to the USB Type-C.

Nitta explained this position by taking for example the flagship of Sony, Xperia Z3 +. Despite the smaller format of the USB Type-C socket, this reduction will not play a big role on the search for a smartphone always thinner and lighter. In this regard, the company seems more determined to reduce the size of the cameras and other components.

USB Type-C is currently talking about her for his speed of data transfer, as well as for its reversible. This technology has substantial power and supports many formats videos, including DisplayPort and HDMI. It also means that smartphones and tablets could recharge quickly via the socket of a computer or they could be displayed on your TV, provided that they also have the proper connections.

This new generation of USB plug is already part of some devices starting with the Tablet Nokia N1, the new MacBook 12 inches or even the Chromebook Pixel 2. In this regard, Google said wanting to fully exploit these opportunities and adapt them for these next Chromebook and Android devices. That’s why we have to say that one day where the other, Sony will be well forced to this inevitable transition. Is this a good choice on their part but to wait?

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