Tweed Fancy Dress

It is crisp with a virtually non-existent. A bit like a halvmisslyckat relationship. Still, it’s hard to resist. Tweed is a fascinating material which if used wrong can feel both mossy and stiff. To the correct combinations, however, it may create a dress as casual as elegant. To give you tweedentusiaster a little inspiration, here are three tips:

Holland & Holland
The venerable gunsmiths Holland & Holland completes its range of firearms in the millions with a summer dress that is permeated by hunting and British lantlivs environment. For many, it might seem like another in a series of British clothing manufacturers with zero connection to the present, but the fact is that the clothes and accessories primarily manages to mix British mossmode with a little modern twist on a both stylish and playful way. Examples of this include the green leather bracelet.

Johnston’s Cashmere
We have previously written about Johnston’s bag collection in tweed. For those who also want to carry the other garments in tweed offers Johnston’s a clothing line with clear influences of British ridmode where dogtooth and fish tooth patterns mixed audaciously with knee-high socks and äppleknyckarbyxor.

Lock & Co. Hatters
For Hat lovers the world over are Lock & Co Hatters a household name. Since 1676 has firm provided its customers with everything from classical high hats for helmets. Of course, there are also a variety of classic old man’s hat in tweed. The hats are found frequently in well-stocked herrekiperare, but also available to order via the official website. The store on St. James’s Street, London is well worth a visit.

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