Turntable T + A G 1260 R

The first attributes were “Calm and balanced” the testers in the listening passages for the T + A G 1260 R + invaded Ortofon 2 M bronze (2000 euros).

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The name comes at the keyword turntable T + A not so fast in the sense. The manufacture of Herford is known Yes primarily for very good speakers, and as well as for sophisticated electronics.

There, it seems almost logical that T + A-electronics mastermind Lothar Wiemann even when the motor control has a unique and complex solution ready. After extensive analysis, he noted that synchronous Motors turn not the calmest, when they are driven by pure, clean sine wave vibrations? To produce different errors that show up in vibrations, depending on the type.

These errors Wiemann has measured and the control signal opposition integrated into it, which the motor is markedly less well off vibration. For the engine electronics of G is equipped 1260 R with a digital processor (DSP), which can produce such special signals. The form of vibrations is only part of the solution. The exact offset between the necessary two waveforms is the other one, which is required for a smooth and unobtrusive way of working. This phase shift is optimized even for each turntable via trimming potentiometer.

The result was so convincing that he firmly screwed up the motor in the base – without additional damping measures for Wiemann. As a result, the motor with a stronger torque via the flat belt appear on the aluminum inner plate as if it were soft mounted in rubber.

But it is not done with a quiet motor. Therefore it was decided in Herford to a close tolerance bearings with bronze bushing rotates a polished stainless-steel axle. The inner plate can be Wiemann after pressing the axle again edit and finely balancing the 3.8-kilogram aluminium die-cast outer plate. The very good readings showed that worthwhile all this, which the stereoplay TESTfactory the G 1260 R attested.

In addition, also avoid resonances with the chassis was an important design specification for T + A. The core of the base consists of three layers of MDF, which also exhibit the characteristic, being less dense from the outside to the inside. In addition, the aluminum sheets that cover the core, the platter mat made of silicone rubber, and the height-adjustable damping feet should help to calm.

You chose the complete solution to pickup the Ortofon 2 M bronze (test 3/10), is subsidized in the package instead of the normal price of 330 euros for 200 euros extra to have. Also here was done fine work and an existing cavity in the system body with silicone filled in. This increases its weight – so is the deep resonance in the tonearm Rega ST 301 in the optimal range.

The first attributes were “Calm and balanced” the testers in the listening passages for the G 1260 R with the Ortofon 2 M bronze invaded. Add a punchy bass and warm timbres joined.

So, with blaring horns, the T + A only on large orchestral tutti missions tended to subtle hardening in the treble. Played smaller ensembles, such as in “the sounds are always begging” by Bonnie Prince’ Billy & the Cairo gang (“the wonder show of The World”, Domino of records), spread the G 1260 R vain sunshine, and you could sit back and sink in the music. This is still more, were not felt as typical noise of the plate.

There was even the Pro-Ject Xperience Basic + (test 3/10), with the Ortofon MC 25 E fitted, not quite with – despite a more lyrical way of playing. The G 1260 R cuddled the tweeter seamless to its harmonious midrange and mediated bass drums richer. Because he was also single instruments minimal more physically, a point was more for the T + A-package the logical consequence.

Again quite another world opened up the T + A G 1260 R, as we the stereoplay reference pickup Lyra Kleos (test 10/10) mounted: still, he kept his level-headed, very quiet way. However, he now showed a closer and deeper illumination of the individual shots and uncovered more details. Marla Glens “The Cost Of Freedom” (from the LP “How the other Star” Manger) about: da lotetet of Herford with much warmth and even more blackness in the bass remained in the vocal power of Ms. Glen, but always pleasant – as a viewer, the one or two metres from the action is.

Given to: installation of a 2800-euro system in a 2000 euro plate screwdriver is not really useful. Especially since the T + A G 1260 R with the Ortofon 2M bronze and the built-in phono stage a really nice all around happy package represents.

T + A G 1260 R

Manufacturer T + A
Price €2000.00
Rating 50.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x D x H) 44.0 x 14.0 x 39.0 cm
Weight: 12.0 kg
Measured values
Tracking rated 0.083%
Target velocity deviation -0.05%
Rumble noise (weighted)
Measuring record / coupler 74 / 0 dB
Short conclusion The T + A G 1260 R is very balanced sound. With the Ortofon bronze and the optional built-in phono stage he may be to the carefree package Gaby sera.
Sound Top-class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
Practice (max 15 points) 4
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 good – very good-71 points
Price / performance good-very good
tested in issue: 4 / 11


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