Trends for Winter 2016

If you think it’s too soon to talk about winter trends, um … so, it’s time to review your concepts. Yes, for those who don’t know, the trends for winter 2016 have already started to draw. After all, here in the northern hemisphere, winter is on the rise and in this way the parades are booming. Let’s get started to know something that’s going to happen around here in the winter.

Clothing trends for winter 2016


Yes, to the delight of many and sadness of others, it will continue on the rise. With all its practicality and comfort, and of course, each time with more fashion, it can be used even in more formal occasions! And for those who are seeking a cooler look, the tip is to invest in models that have sophisticated details, shines or funny prints.


Yes, transparency will continue to be fashion in winter. Therefore, invest in long-sleeved shirts, dresses or even only in small details on the look. So get ready for another season of great transparency, enjoying a more delicate and sensual winter.


They also will continue to be a hit in winter 2014. But they come in more sober and dark tones, such as gold, silver and copper. The cool thing is that when you combine them with colors such as black or gray, these tones make a elegant and noble air, and they are perfect for more formal or nighttime productions.


In fact, it always comes back in the winter because it’s a classic. But in recent seasons, it left to shine only on models such as jackets or vests when coming in the form of dresses, skirts, shorts. It protect us from the low temperatures, leaving a more basic look with a touch of incredibly sophisticated. The tip is to bet on skirts, dresses, pantsuits and, of course, the classic leather jacket.


For the joy of the nation, generally it also known as burgundy wine. It has appeared in the winter of 2015, shaking halfway around the world; now, it is coming back. So invest in that color!

So for now, these are some trends that are already being shown as the strongest for winter 2016, which should come more soberly. Opting for dark shades with cautiousness; however, pay attention to details and colorful accessories to make the coldest season of the year a little more warm and cheerful.

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