Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone.

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

A selection of words can easily be made into a search online, using this tip for Apple’s iOS devices.

While we wait for the public rollout of Windows Phone 8.1, can this tweaks give easy access to the connections.

If you are a dedicated net-surfing the search giant remains undisturbed Android devices, then you should maybe checking these three apps out.

After updating the messaging Center now display calendar items in lists, but still not quite as in the past.

Although Cortana is on its way to the public Windows Phones, then phones already now ready to accept your commands

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