Tights Under Pants Winter

Oh, it’s real cold. The opportunity to bring out the weapon of mass destruction from the cold: tights under pants. Madame Claude comes back on this practice, its advantages and its disadvantages, especially.

For a few weeks now, the winter, always as cruel, spilled our nose and electrifies our Manes. At this point, our pretty dresses, and our fine tights sleep in our cabinets, and we carry more than jeans and thick pants. Then, the cold intensifies, and tackling our delicate skin biting and which draw… Then we know we need to fight against the total cryonics draw the ultimate weapon: the sticky under jeans.

Apparently without danger, this practice can pass for the ideal solution to our natural reluctance. Yes but, it is not the case. So before cover you the haunch, I want you to guard against the risks to which you expose yourself, and give you some solutions to wear tights under your jeans securely.

Genesis and what we escaped

Put pantyhose under her jeans, is to resume a gesture that generations of madmoiZelles have created. My mother told me that, in girls boarding school where she was educated, she had duty to wear the skirt of his uniform throughout the year. Living in Ch’ North, there was always a moment where the sticky under the skirt was not enough, and where she and her classmates were allowed to wear the gorgeous skirt combo + pants + sticky.

These dark times are fortunately behind us, but in a survival reflex inherited from the dawn of time, we reproduce today the association jean + sticky when temperatures fall below zero. This is the fatal moment where we waive the glamour, the moment where we obey the timid big which is in us, the moment where the aesthetic view of those who surround us doesn’t matter: the instinct of survival trumps all the rest (including staff).

Did you practice?

This dramatic moment, legs clasped in 95% cotton and 5% spandex, our usual becomes suddenly too tight as a slim. Because Yes, one of the peculiarities of the tights under jeans, is it immediately reduces the light gap between our pants and our thighs. You know, this pleasant flutter of fabric around your legs, which helps feel you free and comfortable in your clothes. Well this pasting the reduced to nil in a few moments. Unfortunately to my knowledge there is no solution to this problem, in part to prepare mentally as soon as the first frosts and focus on the idea that the weather will eventually return.

But the consequences of the sticky under the jeans do not stop there. Just like our dastardly panties grandmother, say also ‘ rules panties ‘, tights under jeans has a naturally repulsive effect. Mainly because it often exceeds the pants. Who never gave shamefully in place her sweater up to the navel while it was paying more attention? Necessarily, the sticky perfectly fulfilling its role, no thrill frozen in the bottom of our backs came to warn us, and we are usually an hour to realize. One tip to remedy: wear a top long enough to keep the sticky invisible even when one needs to bend down.

Final effect of wearing tights under jeans: the multiplication of our visits to the bathroom. Indeed, already pressed by the cold, and as long as we we thaw in big breaths of soups, our small bladder is being severely tested. But if the sticky shake us the belly in the wrong place, this is just drama. Be required to discover the Tushy in a restroom icy ten times a day, it’s a shot at catching cold for real. Therefore, it is essential to choose her pantyhose. Several brands have innovated on this side here in recent years, so offer us a perfectly acceptable comfort at the belt level, maybe it’s the time to invest.

As you have seen, these various pitfalls are avoidable as long as you prepare. But a knowledgeable madmoiZelle worth two, and I advise you not to take my recommendations lightly. For my part I wear tights under my jeans for two days without notable incidents, and today I even added a pair of socks on top. I’m not afraid of nothing.

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