Therefore Rejects Apple Applications in the App Store

Do you know what it takes to get an application approved in the App Store? Here are 9 reasons why Apple will reject your application.

It is not always to know what it takes to get an application approved in the App Store, however, it is publicly known that Apple pounced on applications with adult content-latest it went beyond application 500px.

But sexual content, however, is far from the only reason that Apple rejects applications. Our site has found 9 little-known reasons why one’s application is rejected in Apple’s App Store.

Your application must comply with the guidelines for how the user interface should be screwed together. Your application does not follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines “, then rejected it.

A “no-go” in the App Store is the word “Beta”, since it implies the application is not fully developed. There are several examples of words such as “beta”, “preview” or “version 0.9” in the description be rejected. It writes Venture beat.

But also long load times is a “no-go”, so is your start-up time longer than 15 seconds shuts down automatically the iOS. Just as there are also requirements for the payment is made via App Stores payment system – and 30 percent of the profit goes to Apple.

There should also not mention competing platforms in the descriptions of applications – so found it to Android and Windows Phone, it should not be in the description.

There are also requirements that people from all over the world to be able to use your application so that your application can dump on not having a grip on not having a grip on date, currency or similar where it is used.

But it is not the only one, for your application can also be rejected if it takes backup of more than “allowed”. Applications should only make iCloud-backup of user-created data.

Users must, from iOS 6, give applications permission before it is possible to gain access to users ‘ information – but Apple also requires that the application remains usable even if the user refuses to grant access.

You also may not use icons, logos or any other material, which is copyrighted by Apple, however, this should not get behind on any.

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