The Trend of Logorrhea

Not everyone knows, since I haven’t had the good fortune to live abroad in the 1980s and 1990s, but beyond the shoulder pads and neon, it was possible to find different clothes, especially jackets and t-shirts which are stamped with logos; they came with a more casual and sports footprint. However, in the mid 90’s, the grunge brought a whole social revolt against the unbridled consumption, and thus create an aversion for logos.

Meet the Logorrhea

Yes, but the point is that with this retro wave, logorrhoea is coming back with everything. So the image of the shirt soon become a wish for fashionita again. Failing to be considered little fashion has resulted in a trend which is known as Fashion Soon or even Logorrhea.
When talking about the logorrhea, you must think of Sarah Jessica Parker and his iconic character of the 1990s, Carrie Bradshaw in the series – Sex and the City, a fashion and successful TV drama!

Now, it comes back, and we can see a real invasion on the streets. These pieces with this type of pattern became popular not only among the fashionistas, but also among the general public. Do you want a t-shirt, accessory or piece of jewelry with the logo of your favorite brand?
And these logos are democratic, so we can see the world of fashion take advantage of the trend to play with the logos or even prints with tags that don’t have any connection with the fashion world. For example, Whiskey Jack Daniel’s had gained status of fashion in this way.
Today we see various types of t-shirt stamping the tag that turned out to be a real hit; the object of desire is the it-girls!
The it-girls has staked a lot on this trend, with its famous favorite brands by their t-shirts, so there is no doubt that it turned fever in this summer.
Loved by some, hated by many others, the fact is that this tendency allows to use the most famous logos on the t-shirts and handbags, which brings a lot of fun and has become a fever.

It is taking over the streets of the entire world!



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