The First Benchmark of Xiaomi Mi 4s Show Mixed Results

In the last event of Xiaomi, Chinese society has also introduced Xiaomi Mi 4s, a new mid-range Terminal representing a revised and updated version of its 4 Me. The presentation of the new medium end, despite having been swift and dismissive, allowed us to discover that we find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 to move the Terminal, unlike the previous Snapdragon 801 used on the first edition.

Thanks to some pictures have emerged the first benchmark results carried out on AnTuTu in version 6.0.4, which show us the numbers fully in line with the competition, although it is impossible not to notice a decidedly enigmatic element. Your scores are equal to 63742 points and 54095, two outcomes that arise in almost 10,000 points of difference between them.

By analyzing the photos, you can see that all the main elements taken in analysis, 3D, UX and CPU, have obtained the lower results, then this decline “uniform” could be due to a different power-saving modes, although at the moment there is no evidence. Hard to think of overheating, since Snapdragon 808 stood out in 2015 because of its ability to maintain its performance over time.

As for the result, if we looked at the highest value, we can say that we are in front of a terminal that exactly mirrors its bundles of belongings and stands on the same level of competition, although it is important to note that Xiaomi Mi 4s has support to technology Times, decidedly uncommon on this kind of devices.

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