The EU Is Calling for Continued Joint Standard for Mobile Chargers

Mobile phone manufacturers must continue to support a common standard for chargers, despite the agreement has expired, requires the EUROPEAN UNION.

There are earlier entered into a voluntary agreement on a standard charger, which is based on the microUSB, but this appointment expired at the end of 2012. This can mean that, once again, come different Chargers. It writes our site.

-“If manufacturers do not prolong the contract before the end of February, the EU will commit them to do it,” said European Commissioner Antonio Tajani to the German news magazine Focus.

Antonio Tajani would, to the universal charger also must be capable of being used for other electronic devices, among other things. Accessories for your computer, etc.

In 2009 the major mobile manufacturers signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which they undertake to use the universal standard – however, it is uncertain whether the agreement will be extended. But the European Union is ready to intervene, if this does not happen.

MicroUSB was chosen, since most mobile phones have data features and using microUSB in advance for data transfer between the phone and computer. It became a reality at the beginning of 2011.

With a common standard-charger has GSM Association found out that States that there can be saved 51,000 tonnes of redundant Chargers and standby consumption can be reduced by 50 percent.

However, there are some USB Chargers, which comes with up to 10 Watts – these sticks are not to standard, and that is why we cannot be sure that they work with all phones and mobile devices, even if they “look like” and is a microUSB charger.

Apple has never used microUSB connector and that sounded too rama-screams from many, since they introduced the lightning Jack, but via an adapter meets the so standard.

There has previously been a sea of different Chargers Nokia alone had a few different, while Sony Ericsson had their and Samsung have also had their share.

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