TDC Improves Mobile Coverage at Sea

TDC has enhanced mobile coverage at sea, so you get coverage around 80 km from the country where it was just before the 15 km.

Boat people will now have the additional pleasure of TDC mobile network, which has just been extended to coverage of the sea has been considerably extended.

TDC has improved 3 g and 4 g mobile coverage along Denmark’s 7,300 km of coastline and extended the scope of the sea.

It’s a super news for boat people in Denmark, who will find that a cell phone in higher degree can be a complement to the safety equipment at sea. TDC’s mobile network goes from having coverage just 15 km from the coast to now having coverage 80 km from the coast on both 3 g and 4 g,“says Peter Schleidt, who as ceo of TDC Operation has the overall responsibility for TDC’s total network.

The extension is done by activating the Extended Range of mobile masts, which thus extends the range of the signal.

The technology, however, will only be used by sea, since enlargement can degrade the data rate and give small delay on conversations.

The TDC is the only mobile operator in Denmark, delivering 4 g targeted to sail the people. And even if you do not want to experience the same top speeds and quality as on land, so it means an awful lot to be available, even when you are at sea, “says Peter Schleidt.

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