Tartan Fashion Trend

Vector of sophistication, opponent of austerity and guarantor of a certain preppy style, tartan print operates a constant back and forth between collections to return this winter. Decryption.

Opposite looks wise and becoming a vichy print, fabric tartan, to certainly rebellious mood, rejects the measures and exceeds the lines to better taunt

patterns to the symmetrical features. A rebellious instinct than the self-regard of punk, Vivienne Westwood, was released in the early 1970s, without provided him free from his Scottish origins.

Tartan, a timeless trend

Therefore, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney invite regularly tiles in their collections while Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, in fact have their emblem. Of the distinguished costume to the vigorous mantle through the delicate dress and shirt innocent, he regularly barrier basics to enroll in a timeless trend.

The tartan, the print of winter

Ubiquitous this season, the tartan (re) print frame the silhouettes of autumn-winter 2016-2017: all over at Chanel, Véronique Leroy and Vivienne Westwood, quadrille collections Burberry, DKNY, Prada and Isabel Marant coats, proceeds by hint at J Crew or even Calvin Klein clothes and lends itself to the game of femininity in Jacquemus and Balenciaga that given her a dressescorted from leather waders.

How to wear the evening dress?

In real life, the short evening dress avoids stylistic outbidding confined to one room. Thus, a pretty dress tiled, a quadrangular stripes shirt or a coat that is paved with tiles, more than enough to boost an outfit. The rest should be as neutral as possible: raw jeans , white t-shirt, dark boots… Unless you prefer risk you in a mix & match prints with camouflage colours, floral patterns and animal materials. For fashionistas warned.


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