Surface Pro with “Slightly” More Available Memory Than Assumed

Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB, has been criticized for having only 83 GB available to users – it has, however, a little more.

Microsoft’s new super tablet Surface Pro, has in the past been criticized for leaving too little memory for users.

In series with 128 GB, Microsoft has even announced that there were 83 GB available to users, while the 64 GB version was 23 GB available.

However, it has been shown that the figures derived from the so-called pre-production copies that have contained other disk-images and debug code.

Ed Bott from our site has tested the Surface Pro and found some slightly more positive numbers.

Surface Pro with 64 GB in the final version has 29 GB available to users, while the large version with 128 GB GB to 89.7 provides storage.

It has been a little technical skill, however, you can delete a so-called recovery-partition and thus get a little more space available. In series with 128 GB, can be by deleting the recovery partition, get right up to 97.51 GB of memory.

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