Speaker KEF Q 500

The KEF Q 500 (1000 euros the pair) the smallest column in new Q Series and quite delicate dimensions is trimmed.

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Significant are the improvements in dynamic and bass quality. All new models of the Q sound much more grown-up and cultivated as the precursor to certainly not weak.

The jagged edge of suspensions, which connect the membranes of the low-midrange driver with the basket are a masterpiece of a special kind. The construct permits massive displacement, without interfering with the radiation of the tweeter; consistently excellent beads act as barriers for tweeter and change the shape of the signal.

The standing speakers develop their benefits when the quality of the bass and the processing of large dynamic range. The Q 500 surprised with class unusual uniformity and smoothness.

Here you can find the full family test.

KEF Q 500

Manufacturer KEF
Price €1000.00
Rating 50.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 18.0 cm
Height 87.0 cm
Depth 27.2 cm
Weight: 15.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing, \r\nHörabstand 1.5 metres, normal\r\nbedämpfte rooms up to 32 m²
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 4.2 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.1 ohm
Maximum volume upper value 97 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 97 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 43 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 40 Hz
Short conclusion The Q 500 is the smallest of the series Säule\r\nin and trimmed on zarte\r\nAbmessungen. In ihr\r\nsteckt of the small coaxial, flankiert\r\nvon a Woofer and zwei\r\nPassivmembranen. Feiner\r\nund dissolved sound like at der\r\nQ 100, with fuller substructure.
Sound Top-class
Naturalness 11
Fine resolution 12
Border dynamics 7
Bass quality 7
Figure 13
Sound points (70 points) 50
Measured values 7
Practice 5
Valency 6
Overall rating (max. 120 points) well 68
Price / performance Very good
tested in output 1 / 11


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