Sony Xperia Z2 Review: Near by and Almost [Test]

Sony’s new flagship is impressive on paper. But missing the last finish before it becomes a bull’s eye.

They are not dull at Sony. Z series, Sony’s family of flagships in both phones, tablets and laptops are now a top model richer, just half a year after the Xperia Z1 saw the light of day.

Sony’s new flagship is called, not surprisingly, Xperia Z2, and it is a formidable task Xperia Z2 must solve. Apple and Samsung reigns on the Danish smartphone-scene, and Sony to put out all the stops to, if they want to gain on mastodonterne.

It is thus already third Z within just a year and a half, which Sony presents. The basic formula is the same as in the original Z: a beautiful, waterproof casing by glass and metal with the latest new in hardware and software.


Goals: 147x73x8, 2 mm, 163 grams
Screen: 5.2 “IPS Full HD
Camera: 20 Megapixel 1/2.3 “sensor, f/2 lens, 4 k and 1080 p 50 video, 2MP front camera
Performance: 2.3 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330 graphics, 3 GB RAM
Software: Android 4.4.2
Network: Cat 4 LTE, 3 g and 2 g
Battery: 3200 mAh
Storage: 16 GB + micro-SD up to 128 GB
Moreover: IP58 certified, dust and waterproof to 1 ½ meters in half an hour. Noise reduction in the headset.

Stylish water dog

Renowned for their fall Apple so very close to the trunk in Z2. In fact, it’s only subtle changes that suggest that it is the 2014 model you have between your hands. Z2 is still a glass sandwich with glass panel in front and behind, as well as an aluminium frame to separate the two glass surfaces.

It is again only subtleties, which suggest that something new is afoot. Away is now plastic layer on the screen, it is now only tempered glass that protects the display. In practice it will make Z2 more durable against small scratches from keys and coins. There is a small plastic layer and a little air between the glass panel and aluminium frame, a measure that will provide good protection against life’s inevitable rough and tumble.

Xperia Z2 has also been on the cure. The weight is smoked 7 grams down to 163 grams. The exterior is also shaved a bit of width and thickness, and it gives a little better grip Z2. A good action with targets at 147x73x8, 2 mm is Z2 a great gentleman who is approaching phablet-goals.

During the cure will, it seems that Sony also has shaved a little in the inner chassis, and Z2 is therefore not so stiff and twisting safe as Z1. Z2 is still solid, are preserved, but you don’t get the same feeling of invincibility as that of its predecessor.

Z2 inherits obviously also Z1’erens water-and dust-tight construction, but now there are only two shutters to keep track of: a to micro-SD cards, so the 16 GB storage space can be expanded with up to 128 GB, as well as a to micro-SIM and USB.

Z2 is a water dog to the fingertips, not enough with that it can withstand being dipped in 1 ½ meters for up to half an hour, so the screen is still easy to operate in spite of water droplets and wet fingers. A dedicated camera button also allows you to take underwater pictures.

However, it may be småbesværligt to open and close ports at each charging. Instead, you can let your phone via a Z1 at which dock, but it is now optional and must be purchased.

Finally an enjoyable screen

The screen grows with a half centimeter compared to its predecessor and now spreading over 5.2 inch Full HD. But the first that jumps into your eyes is the marked improvement in color and contrast. With the Sony Z1 Compact did Sony up with past unimpressive displays. Contrast and viewing angles in particular was simply not a top model worthy. It is the now.

Another small but useful detail is speakers, which is now two and ready for stereo. They are embedded in a small scratch on the top and one at the bottom. Thus, it is the end of inadvertently blocking the sound with the Palm as on Z1’eren. The sound, it has also been better, that can be played almost as high as the specialist HTC One M8, but the shrill treble and bouncing bass recalls that it still just phone speakers.

Music lovers should therefore turn to the included headset, which works very well. Xperia Z2 is as something uniquely equipped with a headset connector with 5 contacts against the usual four. It provides new options for accessories, including a noise-canceling headset.

One of them is the Sony MDR-NC31EM. Behind the cryptic name, hiding a headset, which includes noise-cancelling microphones. Armed with the input Z2 can now sort the background noise from music and speech. In theory. Indoors, it is not much noise there will be subtracted. When the background rumbling in Airbus’en or in rush hour traffic cherish it, however well on drum membranes.

Powerful motor that just need to be in gear

Slip one past Google Play Store and retrieves the latest 3D games is Xperia Z2 well-prepared. It is the latest and fastest Snapdragon 801-platform from Qualcomm, which Sony has baked into the Z2: four powerful Cpus are drilled out to 2.3 Ghz and paired with 3 GB RAM. And it can be felt.

The Platform thus finds itself on the same high level as the latest rivals from Samsung and HTC. Whether it’s racing game, Netflix or large pdf files are opened, follows Sony Z2 always with. And with the big screen and the front-facing speakers, awakens the smile forward.

Despite the many muscles may be, ironically, occur short art breaks when Z2 is not working hard. For example, so can an easy task as flipping between home screens at times get Z2 to chop and strain.

Xperia Z2 is also equipped with the latest in 4 g antennas and also here completely in front, when data must be retrieved. 2 g and 3 g antennas are also present and ensures error-free speech even in areas with patchy coverage.

On the battery front, Sony also armed their new darling to the teeth. With 3200 mAh in the stomach, contain Z2 the biggest battery in a cell ever – it is only the major phablets who can muster similar capabilities.

Two days of operation is therefore not unthinkable, if otherwise keeps a little again with Facebook updates and YouTube videos. Gives you the full-throttle on the heavy 3D games can Z2 keep in time in over 5 hours.

There is a long way to the next pit stop can Sony’s STAMINA-modus is activated. Background data is kept in check and screen blinded down and it gives operating times in the marathon class. Despite the power-saving predicate works it is not always as intended. Z2 wakes up in time and out of season and takes a fraction of the operating time.

Forget to let your phone up at night, disappears there approximately 10% in 8 hours. A lot more than those of competitors such as HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 which cherish better about the precious percentages. A full charge takes approximately 3 hours, not flashy, but it is also a large battery.


Complete software package

Of course, Sony uses latest version of Google’s Android operating system, but paving it with a layer of Sony’s home-made features and functions. Visually leans Sony itself close up of Android in its pure form, but does not follow completely the very last development with large, minimalist icons, as in Google’s own Nexus 5.

It is now still logical and manageable to navigate in Sony’s interface. Menus are not cubits long, and move about in Z2 like in Google’s Nexus series. Z2 also includes a dobbeltap function where the phone can quickly comes to life with two quick dot to screen.

Sony also deserves an appreciative nod for the last edition of their keyboard. User adjustment is paramount for both appearance and location of the keys features that can be customized according to your needs and preferences.

Traditionally, Sony had a good take on it with music on the go. Music app Walkman drawers not here. The sound can be adjusted according to taste and needs, while at the same time sound can easily be transferred to and from other devices or media servers.

For movies and pics appliqués Film and Album is well thought out. Both apps are parts willing, and it’s smart that you can zoom into the razor-like 4 k videos.
Sony is also made on tracker-bandwagon. Pair it with a Sony Xperia Z2 Smart band does one with Lifelog application, keep track of the number of steps and Spice up one’s timeline of events, photos and review of life’s great moments.

Camera and video: Many megapixels in development

They are ambitious at Sony. Since Z1 generation, Sony has managed to stop a large 1/2.3 “picture smart, bright f/2 lens and the whole 20 megapixels in a mobile – without the lens dents out of your phone. This means that the chip is half times larger and collects up to twice as much light as rivals. It bodes well.

With the ambitious entity will also be an extensive software package. Everything from full automation to advanced features are present in order to ensure the good image, ranging from party photos and for ambitious photographs.

Focus rarely lets wait on it, but is not nearly as fast, as with the newest racer mobiles from Samsung and HTC.

In daylight it’s impressive large images Z2 delivers. Zooms you into the many megapixels, drawers a little.In order to keep the noise in the pictures in chess has been extremely aggressive with Sony after treatment and mysterious noise afflicting the images.

Sony scales as also the images down to share friendly 8 megapixels by default-and so may escape the worst mischief.

On the other hand, if you look at the pictures taken in the dark, making it exceptionally good Z2 Xperia.The large image chip along with the brightest optics do that Z2’eren do not give up in low light. The focus will be admittedly hesitant, but with a little patience you will get pictures in the House that even specialists like HTC one (M8) and Galaxy S5 cannot match.

The Sony promises on the video front is like the camera portion very promising. 4 k footage, slow-motion and HDR video testifies to the high ambitions of the film at Sony. Not only that, 4 k-the filming takes place in towering 56 mbit/sec and a few minutes of video takes up a gigabyte or two quickly.

But here, too, are struggling to pull the plug with Z2 Sony Home compared to Samsung Galaxy S5, resolution is high, but the contrast, detail and colors lag after its rival from Samsung.

Sonically it very well without Z2 Sony do to stand out. Is film ambitions larger one can turn to Sonys STM10 accessories. It is a high-resolution stereo microphone that gives birth to Xperia Z2 with quality sound via the unique 5 contacts in the headset port.

Better on all points, but disappoints

Where the mobile page’s first impressions of Sony’s flagship was extremely positive, is it by second sight is not nearly as compelling. Sony, however, kept on many points fixed in it, which made the Xperia Z1 for an exciting acquaintance, and improved it.

First, include the gorgeous screen, which now finally match the competition from Samsung, Apple and HTC. Along with the improved speakers, it’s a multimedia experience in excellence that Sony offers in with.

Turns out against performance and software was extremely promising, huge battery Z2 Xperia, 20 MP camera, fast quad-core and latest Android – the Foundation were present to beat all rivals of course, in practice, promises not in addition to the Xperia Z2 crowd.

As reviewer ærgres it, for maybe just a simple software update Xperia Z2 from the perfection. The Foundation is promising-but just not quite finished baked.

Sony Xperia Z2 will therefore 5 out of 6 stars. How to evaluate our site.

Sony Xperia Z2 is available in black, white and purple. Find the best price on our site.


Waterproof and water happy
Excellent pictures in the dark
Good performance and long operating time
Great, nice screen with front-facing stereo speakers


The software lacks the last finish
20 MP camera and 4 k video drawers in daylight
Structure is not nearly as robust as its predecessor
Too big for some hands


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