So Great Is the World’s Largest Music Store

Apple’s iTunes Store is the world’s largest music store. Read here how great it is.

The 28. April 2013 fills the iTunes Store, formerly called the iTunes Music Store, 10 years.

Since the service opened, there were about 200,000 files available. Since then, it’s only gone forward.

Today Apple has 26 million songs in the catalogue, which can be purchased and downloaded by users in 119 countries.

According to Apple the system extracts 15,000 songs per minute via the iTunes Store and download number 25 billion, has just rounded at the store.

It was the German who got credit for Philip Lüpke download number 25 billion. For dt, he received an iTunes gift card on 10,000 Euro, which surely must be said to be at least a lifetime subscription.

Since the launch of the iTunes Store, the music flows also in stride flows from competitors such as our site.

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