So Easy Is It To Get at the Gift Mood from Apple’s iOS Devices [Tip]

If someone you care about in need of an app, a music track or just a spendérfrit gift card, so it be done easily from iOS devices.

You probably know more than one person who likes surprises and gifts small and large. Since the so-called “post-pc” era has occurred, so is our previous limits exceeded, when it comes to the amount, we will gladly pay for a new mobile.

Fortunately, it is quite different to on apps, music, and other content that can save the day. Here are the prices at rock bottom, and easy-to-use app-stores can be easily and quickly throw the items over the counter. But Mr and Mrs Denmark can easily get lost in the app universe, so for example, if you have found a bold app, you want to give as a gift, then it is at least equal to, if you use Apple’s iOS devices.

Precisely for this reason will our site today show how you give an app for the one you care about.

-Start with to find the App in the App Store. Then press the sharing icon, and select “give as gift”.

-Now you need to enter the email to the person who you want to send the gift to. You can optionally add a small message (max. 200 characters). Exit on “Next”.

-The gift must of course be packed Nice in, so you will now be presented with themes that you can choose from optional. Exit again on “Next”.

-Finally, you will need to confirm your purchase. Therefore, simply press the “buy” and then “BUY NOW”.

Now will the recipient get an email with the wrapped gift. In the mail you will also find the link “redeem now”, from which the app can be downloaded absolutely free.

Note: both the sender and the recipient will have to confirm their identity by entering the code for their Apple ID. Otherwise, the rest goes quite smoothly.

Gift cards are also straightforward

If you instead want to give a spendérfrit gift card, then you should again move into the App Store on your iOS device.

-At the bottom under “Selected” section you will find the “Send gift” button. Press the.

-Now you can then select one of the displayed amount, or even enter an “other”.

Note: the amount must be between the 100kr and 1000 DKr.

Otherwise, going on the rest as above.


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