Samsung’s “Project Y”-Perhaps Three Units

Galaxy S (IV) has in the past been referred to as “Project y”, but now it turns out that perhaps hiding 3 units behind the name.

Samsung’s “Project y” has been known for some time. Our sitementioned it already in the month of December, but rumors have gone on, it was a code name for the Galaxy S IV. Nevertheless, it appears that there is more than one device behind “Project y”.

It seems that hides all the three new units

The code name for the Galaxy S IV had previously been publicly available as Altius J GT-I9500. Therefore, it is expected also that, with Project J, now is talking about an entire lineup with three new devices where it is expected the Galaxy S IV and S IV Mini are two of them; The last is yet unknown. It writes our site.

According to the rumors sound Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini code name Serrano and cannot be charged wirelessly, as the expected big brother Galaxy SV will be from sales start – something the Galaxy S (III) otherwise promised to be able for several laps.

The codename for the third unit should supposedly be Fortius and it appears to be a so-called “display device” – perhaps a smartwatch or similar.


Exactly what “Project y” covers over we will probably get to know during the month of March, where it is expected the Samsung is holding event. There is, however, not yet announced anything official out of Samsung.

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