Samsung’s Debt to Apple Unchanged after the Jury’s Review

According to the jury, at Apple’s urging, has reconsidered the judgment for Samsung remains the definitive amount unchanged.

Last Sunday, could you at our site read about the decision in Apple and Samsung’s latest lawsuit for patent disputes. Here we could among other things tell that Samsung was sentenced to pay Apple button 120 million dollars. We are told also that Apple asked the jury to reconsider the decision, since there is reportedly a lack of judgment against one of Samsung’s products, which therefore was with as evidence.

On Monday the jury again had the opportunity to beat heads together and therefore reconsider the damage worth. The talk took a couple of hours, and included both increases and reductions in the miscellaneous amount. In the end, the final amount remains so close to the 120 million dollars as first assigned. It writes Recode.

As mentioned earlier, the judgment is not guaranteed Apple it wanted and the staggering amount of 2 billion dollars. Samsung is not satisfied with the verdict, but have nevertheless shown a delight at the fact that the Court has rejected Apple’s clientele.

It is expected that both techgiganter will call different aspects of the case, and of course the judgment itself. We must therefore not expect the matter definitively is completed.


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