Samsung Z Tizen

Sad news regarding the upcoming Tizen-handset from Samsung. The company said that the launch of Z would be done in the third quarter, but now it is drop the window closed.

Tizen-handset Z from Samsung was announced earlier this year and at first it was the phone scheduled to be released during the month of June. Samsung changed the June to the third quarter of this year, but even that launch window was changed. The phone has not yet received any new launch window.

The plan was to start dropping your mobile phone in Russia in the autumn, but obviously this will not happen. That Samsung has not announced any new launch date is slightly worrying for those who yearn for Tizentelefonen. But Samsung has told the Wall Street Journal that the company is actively working with Tizen Association to deliver the best user experience possible.

The Samsung Tizenäventyr is a somewhat strange history. The company has begun using the operating system in their smart watches Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. But apparently Samsungneed more time to get the operating system to play good on amobile phone. Or it is because the firing of the launch on the interest of Tizen is still relatively low.

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