Samsung Nexus 2 and 7

For those who don’t knowCarphone Warehouse is a well known uk retailer of mobile devices, within whose inventory would appear two products that surely will arouse your attention: a Nexus 7 to 32 GB, which would solve the problem of memory not expandable simply enlarged, and a screen protector for a model referred to as Samsung Nexus 2.

Needless to say, we cannot take at face value the screen you see above, and because we cannot guarantee the 100% its authenticity, and because often the names indicated in these inventories are not necessarily definitive thing, nor is it assumed that relate to upcoming products, if they ever arrive.

Nevertheless, the existence of a Nexus 7 by 32 GB is very interesting and, so far, was part of the wide array of “rumor” that revolve around hypothetical new versions of the Google tablet, definitely seems more practical and achievable by a hypothetical model to $99.

About the Samsung Nexus 2, we’ll take for granted that it can be thGT-I9260 (said alsoGalaxy Premier) and although its existence wasn’t still a big mystery, we are still a little skeptical about his precise market positioning (slightly updated version of the previous or the new Nexus but without Google Experience).

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