Rumor: HTC M7 Will Be Called HTC One

It is rumored that HTC will hold onto their One-branding and simply call their new flagship HTC One.

If we are to believe Twitter-user our site (which among other things has previously leaked images of HTC One X +), so can HTC apparently not have the heart to move away from that fires their models nicknamed One.

He expects that the new M7 model will be sold under the somewhat simple call name HTC One.

On the one hand, HTC spent some time building One-name up through it last year, but conversely, it can also create increased confusion, since there are many HTC models which are “One brand”.

To reuse the name can make it difficult to get their new models to stand among the existing ones. Whether there are teams in the rumors, we are of the view when the new top model will be launched on 19 February.


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