Roma Gran Fondo

By road: the rapper run orakat, and editor-in-Chief run hydraulically. Sunday’s challenge for both of them spelled Roma Gran fondo.

It’s been over six months since our columnist Petter Alexis Askergren and our Chief Editor Andreas Danielsson drove New York Gran fondo. Tomorrow it is time again, though now in Rome.
The track has a similar character as in the United States where the route is 165 kilometres and the number of meters of altitude is around 3000.

Gran fondo New York – Before I was actually better genomtränad than now. This summer has been sick filled so unfortunately training suffered. But it doesn’t matter – this should be fun, “says Petter.

“Yes, now it’s time again. And unlike in New York see the weather will be a bit sunny and warm. It feels good because it is so very nice to watch along the course. And better Colusseum rids itself of sunshine, says Andreas.

Rumors say that a proper conflict between Petter and Andreas detonated yesterday when it emerged that Peter is running orakat. In New York fell hann for pressure, but now he seems to stand up and run oputsat. Andreas will have to console themselves with that he still may run with hydraulic disc brakes.

We are the Lords of luck and look forward to chat afterwards.

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