Reward for Pókemon-the Masters

Google is ready with a reward to all those that took all 151 pókemons in their april fool on Google Maps.

Did you find all the 151 pókemons, since Google world map filled with the little monsters from Japan? If you did, there may be a reward on its way to you.

Google has, in fact, intend to reward all the pókemon-champions, who got caught them all with a little surprise. Google has sent a message out, where you can fill out a form, so that Google can send a small gratuity for the eager pókemon-fans.

It’s a physical thing that is talking about, and Google should use 4-6 weeks to get distributed the surprises, but there are no reports about what it actually is.

If only an American thing as not rewarding the industrious Danes is not known.

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