Resolution Audio Cantata MC Test

He who sees the Cantata MC resolution audio for the first time, is intrigued. Who hears it for the first time, addicted to him. The digital-analog converters in the relief package remains both optically and acoustically in the memory.

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It could have been a superficial love a short flirting with appearances with the resolution audio Cantata MC, until the reality in the listening room would have brutally dragged the truth: No, that fits, that is not nothing to do with us. But fortunately is far more than just an elegant shell as “Universal Converter” advertised Cantat MC.

Too good to be true?

Even the designation as a “universal Converter” can recognize the difficulty of trying to squeeze a device such as the Cantata MC in the usual drawers. He has a Disc drive, would alone but as CD players wasting his talents. He can as a Streaming Client to listen to music from the local network, but does not fit that’s why still long in the prevailing in many audiophile heads schema of the plastic network player. And equipped with pretty much all known digital inputs by AES up to USB, it is able to convert almost any digital signal in its analog equivalent.

Resolution audio itself, the fathers of the Cantata MC, trying with the symbol MC (for Music Center) to convey what role he could play in a high-quality investment idea: players, receivers, converters – and even pre thanks to chip-controlled analog volume control.

Real fire

Although there are many USB converters on the market: correct the art is noble only through the “asynchronous fashion”. To the converter sends the own elite beat to set the computer signal delivered. What of course on the other hand requires the dreaded jitter greatly reduces, but enormous programming work. Because the utensils for this type of USB communication do not come out of the box, but be expensive shopped or even still modified.

Cantata MC anyway, is the conversion of the USB signals to the noblest and finest, what ever was given in the AUDIO listening room the best. As already in the USB converter Ayre QB-9, the presentation about the supposedly despicable computer accessory cable struck even high-ranking CD player that could get even with the most expensive built-in tools not this subtlety, accuracy and huge array of colours from the silver sound carrier.

Even the already mentioned enormous sound strong Ayre QB-9, even a paragon of precision and elegance, couldn’t do much against the fascinating details of the resolution audio Cantata MC, coupled with the necessary pinch of power and dynamics. Robert plant and Alison Krauss, for example, played by the brilliant collaboration “raising sand” (Decca) the melancholic “Polly come home” clear substance rich, with pressure-fuller, almost majestic bass. Whether the two converters now with the usual CD resolution 44.1 kHz, 16-bit or even at 96 kHz and 24-bit versions were fed, played a minor role.

Even if the one via USB, the other with the same pieces via Ethernet was supplied: the duel resolution audio Cantata MC for around 6000 euros against the listening space veterans Linn Akurate DS for about 5200 euros was required. The Linn played usual confidently elegant with his idiosyncratic, slightly dry performance. Resolution audio Cantata MC brought it in terms of accuracy and timing on a solid tie – but to dominate then with an depth and color , almost a little stiff work the Linn Akurate DS left. Guitar body, even lonely singers in purist recording studios and concert halls worked through the Cantata MC natural. In the truest sense a sound to fall in love.


Even if love happy times blinds: the resolution audio Cantata MC looking – worth even if hardly a photo really falls short of the real device. Is away from the pretty shell: rarely, a Digital to-analog converter have been the music in the foreground–and not himself. The Cantata MC adds nothing, omits nothing, playing music in their purity. For me one of the best USB digital-analog converters in the world.

Resolution audio Cantata Music Center

Manufacturer Resolution audio
Price €5900.00
Rating 135.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H T) HöheTiefe 43,0 x 5.0 x 22.0 cm
Weight 5.0 kg
Digital volume control
Analog volume control
Remote control
Display sampling rate
Word width display
Digital effects loop
Maximum sampling rate RCA / AES 192
Maximum sampling rate optical 96
Maximum USB sample rate 96
USB asynchronous mode USB
Adjustable digital filter characteristics
Number filter options 0
Have Ground-lift switch, UPnP Streamingfähigkeit scheduled (update).
Inputs CD player
Digital RCA 1
Digital BNC 0
Digital optical 1
Digital ST 0
Digital AES / EBU 1
Digital DSD
I2S 0
FireWire –
Output D/A converter
RCA outputs 1
Outputs XLR stereo 1
Outputs headphone 6, 3 mm / 3, 5 mm 0 / 0
Digital output to RCA
Optical digital output
Digital output other: –
Test results
Conclusion +. Fine and powerful at the same time, incredibly dynamic. DA-Converter of class in the extravagant look
Conclusion- CD drive can’t keep up with the USB capabilities
Sound RCA 135
Balanced sound 0
Sound SACD –
Facilities Very good
Operation outstanding
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 135
Predicate 5 ears
Price / performance –
tested in issue: 7 /.


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