Positioning Cushion Pillow Wedge

Positioning cushion, pillow body, U-shaped cushion or even cushion nursing or maternity, there is no air to get to agree on the right term: one thing is sure in what concerns me: buying a cushion of positioning is one of the best way to spend money, if you buy a quality cushion.


What rediscover the pleasure to go to bed and the pleasure of staying in bed until the last minute in the morning.

Anylistintheus compare this cushion to a huge pair of arms that all-night supports your back, your neck, your head, shoulders and wraps you their benevolent sweetness.

The benefits of a positioning upholstered cushion.

People who suffer back or back of the neck, who have problems to find the right position to sleep and who blame their mattresses may well find in this pillow in U release that finally allows them to get a night’s sleep without waking up.
And that also allow them to be able to move and getting dressed in the morning without waiting 3 hours after getting out of bed. < < < < < < < <

Indeed, the pillow will keep well aligned spine all night and comfortably supports the top leg.

The pillow also supports the shoulder and the top of the body, thus all distributing the weight of it on a larger surface and reducing the pressure on the sore spots.
This pillow is also suitable for people with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, the elderly people and of course pregnant women.

Not only it supports the body during sleep but it allows to find an excellent playback position for people who read long in bed or for people who like to watch TV or read.

Finally, U-shaped pillow is perfect for people who sleep on the floor.

How much is a good cushion of positioning?

Buy a quality cushion I said…Indeed, we find U pillows at all prices and if we pay too cheap, the padding will quickly flatten a few months, or even a few weeks and the cushion will end his life in a corner of the closet.

For a quality body cushion, it takes around €180 (including cover)

For my part, I bought a Comfort U of brand FossFlakes and after a few days, I can not imagine overnight without.

The only downside to this cushion, it’s his cover: cushion measures close to 2 M and for the same price, the manufacturer of the cover would have been well-advised to provide holes at the ends for ease of insertion maneuver: the cover is machine washable and I have nightmares nothing to the idea of having to remove it and then put it back.

On the other hand, sleep with Comfort U…
Sleep on your back, it supports the lower back and shoulders.
Sleeping on the stomach, it supports the bottom of the belly, the tops of the feet, shoulders and when maneuvering a little you get again to make a hole to put the face, as on a massage table.
Sleep on your side: it supports all parts of the body that are not in contact with the mattress.

Positioning cushion, it is a large beneficent Octopus species you’ll soon not go you when you’re in bed.

Pillow Pleasure big pregnancy pillow in cotton cushion

This large cushion of pregnancy u brings you comfort and support throughout the night.
This body cushion is used to support your growing belly or all other parts of the body which would need support when you are in bed: the bottom of the back, upper back, shoulders, neck…
Positioning cushion Pillow Pleasure also allows you to watch TV in bed with more comfort.

Positioning for feeding, resting and overnight cushion
  • A luxury positioning cushion shaped C for women during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • Ensures support for the whole body, so important for every pregnant woman.
  • Makes it easier to sleep and rest.
  • Ensures a comfortable support for breastfeeding in position seat and bed. Recommended by midwives.
  • Easy to clean (removable pillowcase)


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