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Already the “small” PH6 phono preamplifier audio research makes vinyl fans with its 3800 euro poor, but happy too: from a few microvolts MC output voltage it produces incredible sound energy.

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A great advantage of the analog technology is their timelessness. Even if billions of existing LPs, singles, would – pressed today on morning of no single disc Maxis and ten inches want to be rotated at an appropriate pace, carefully sampled and adequately reinforced. A life’s work, for which you like invested something more.

Especially since you here one hundred percent can be sure that the investment is not suddenly rumbles with the avalanche of any progress in the technical education. Backwardness and an only a short life expectancy were certified the LP finally 30 years ago. Thus evokes, you know that today, quite fine. Analog friends can so confidently in the long term plan and distribute the 3800 euro for the PH6 in the spirit ever for the next 20 years.

Traces such as highways

That the phono stage so long that is likely for several reasons. First, it was always like: most devices, which came in the last 40 years from the work of audio Research Corporation in Minnesota, are still in operation.

Secondly, the PH6 like all ARC phono stages is very solidly built and equipped throughout with premium components. The circuit layout spreads out majestically with unusually broad, generously curved print traces over the full surface area of the device – which not only look, but also the service makes it easy. Thirdly, the PH6 sounds so good that the owner completely out of control must fall to make an exchange of even considering.

ARC typical PH6 tubes reinforced, even if not going through: right up front at the entrance, where the tiny moving-coil Signälchen, raising a series of JFETs (junction field effect transistors) first carefully, but yet strongly because of the noise. The following steps are then constructed with two 6 H 30. This double Triodes are ultra-modern tube standards. (The purpose is unknown), originally developed for the Russian military discovered until long after the fall of the iron curtain for HiFi purposes. In addition to excellent, ideal for audio applications electrical properties (such low output impedance), 6 H 30 have a significantly greater life span than other double Triodes.

Who’s afraid to have problems with the replacement, after many thousands of hours of operation may immediately order a pair of AR of certified tubes and store – unused pipes are almost unlimited life.

From the input to the output jacks the PH6 58dB has reinforcement. MC standards that is rather moderate, and the preamp at the same time possessing an enormous headroom, so even MMs can be operated – if connected before or with the resulting output voltages power amplifier copes. Explicit MC/MM switch has the Americans, but a five-stage adjustment of input resistance: 47 kilo is suitable for MM and some MCs who want minimal damping. This is followed by 1k?, 500, 200, and 100? as a typical MC terminators, between which it decides after hearing.

Preamp for PC

Because relay remote control switch to the desired resistance values, the owner can customize easily the PH6 from the listening Chair on his pickup. Also mute and Mono switch can be found on the front panel as well as on the infrared printer. Both prove to be in the test again as practical, such as the surrounding plugs from one to the other turntable. In the test, it was the Linn LP12 of author (with Lingo power supply, EKOS arm and Klyde-MC-system) and the editors own, perfected by Loricraft audio oldie Garrard 301 (with Loricraft PSU, Rega arm and a Benz Ace L), the AR alternately wore signals to.

During the first three days on the net, the brand new PH6 amazing way unfolded: right out of the box, he played top brittle and otherwise dynamically restrained. The next evening, a blisteringly powerful, deeply structured by bass came to light. That was the point at which the available comparison Roksan DX2 (115 points) gave up. On the third evening then also the initially existing graininess in the tweeter was gone, it was a wonderfully sonorous, dynamically almost already frighteningly unbridled sound that huge could grow in the room or at precisely defined boundaries, depending on the subject of each plate.

Always had this impression, not only a better Phonoteil, but a significantly better to hear playing turntables as unleashed. The author only at the Naim Superline and some big phono stages has seen a such pronounced effect, are again but more expensive than the PH6. If you don’t believe it, may try it out. The way back is difficult.


Aside from pickup switch, my analog system has experienced only a real upgrade over 18 years: a phono stage, eight years ago. If I could afford it, I would be now again active – in exactly the same place, with the PH6.

Audio Research PH6

Manufacturer Audio Research
Price €3800.00
Rating 125.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 47.0 x 15.0 x 25.0 cm
Weight 5.0 kg
Inputs MM / MC
Outputs RCA
Capacity customizable
Resistance adjustable
Variable gain
Subsonic filter
Special features
Fantastic open, powerful sound, great dynamic.
Sounded MM / MC 125 / 125
Facilities well
Processing outstanding
Operation outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 125
Price / performance well
tested in issue: 1 / 11


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