Peek-in Is a Disturbing Piece of Spy Phone Camera Accessories

If you want to take a picture without unnoticed for your point of view, so can Peek-in helping to cope with the task.

Inventors and producers will surprise you from time to time with gadgets, accessories and grejer we do not believed we needed. The category “wearables” (portable gadgets) must also say to hear within the group. Here are the Google Glass made unfortunate noticed, especially due to the fact that the smart glasses will be accused of violating privacy.

Google’s innovation comes not free, so if you instead want to make some obscure and revealing snapshots of friends, then you could look at Peek-in. Here we have instead grab a moving mirror which can be fitted on your Smartphone camera. 

In the video above is given a disturbing glimpse of the situations where Peek-in can help. Peek-in can capture the picture flipped in the up to 90 degrees. When you close the lens cover again, so similar to Peek-in just an innocent and decorative smiley to your phone.

The project, which right now is available at Indigogo, has collected an impressive amount of the entire $ 21,738, and thereby over shot the goal of just $ 1,000. Would you like to take a closer look at Peek-in, so you will find the link to Indigogo below.


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