Overview: OnePlus One Challenge Mobile Industry, iPhone 6 Will Get a Severe Sales Start

Here you can get a quick and easy overview of some of the biggest stories from this week.

OnePlus One-a Chinese breakaway challenge established cell manufacturers with their new flagship to the usury rate.

One of the most interesting smartphones right now is OnePlus One. Here you get a complete overview

Then it was the day when OnePlus shows their first smartphone. View the pictures here.

OnePlus One opens up for advance sales of their high-end kills. The concept is provocative: Wreck your high-end phone and join in the competition for a OnePlus One for 1 $.

Difficult start for iPhone 6

New rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone Air, paints a picture of a phone which will face challenges from day one.

The major version of Apple’s iPhone 6 has been delayed and will start in 2015

If you want to compare the size of the infamous iPhone 6, so it will be here sat up against several Android devices.


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