Overview: Large Update for Lumia 920, New Galaxy Models and the Price Is Forced down on LG Optimus G

Nokia has just released a major update to their flagship Lumia 920 – more on that and much more in the week overview.

The past week has Samsung presented two new Galaxy models, both of which are in the low-end category and caters to the young or first-time smartphone owners – Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young’s names.

But once Galaxy model has also shown to be on the way: the phone Galaxy Express, which affects among other our site.

Nokia chose this week to send a large and long-awaited update out to their flagship Lumia 920. the update offers among other things drafts of text messages, the ability to reject calls by SMS, and other enhancements.

A tuned version of the Nexus 4, so you can present the Optimus G, the new top model LG. A top model is packed with specifications at a very attractive price, which is pressed down firmly.

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