Overview: First look at the LG Optimus G, Apple Launches New iPad and iPhone 5 Will Have 4 G

This week has featured update to the iPhone 5, which gave 4 g-support and a new iPad. See what else has bid on the week.

The past week has been in Apple’s characters on several points. Monday they released the long awaited update, which gave the iPhone 4 g owners by the Danish-5 customers at Vodafone and 3 4 g.

But it wasn’t all Apple had to offer this week. The week also featured information about the prevalence of iOS 6 update, which is now at more than 300 million devices and quite as rumors said a new iPad – with the entire 128 GB of memory.

THINK has just published a huge test of more than 130 mobile tests, see which phone WINS their test. We may, however, show it not Samsung Galaxy S III, which was your favorite mobile in 2012.

We also had fingene in the next top model Optimus G from LG – you can view the first look here.

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