Our Site Is Attacking Apple and Google with Virtual Currency

Our site introduces our site Coins, which in the long term, we must give Apple and Google battle for the line.

Our site will release itself from Google and have specifically as a part of the plan introduced our site Coins, a virtual currency that can be used to purchase applications and games.

In the first place will be the new currency meant for families so that parents can better keep track of your kids through online purchases, but in the long run have a very clear purpose with the Our site new Coins.

There is, according to our site an attack on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, which is to compete with the big players in the market, and eventually secede from Google Play.

Our site’s Kindle Fire using it at this time of the Android system and Google Play, as provider of applications.

With the new concept can our site offer software developers better economic conditions than those of Google Play. And just good conditions is essential in order to attract the right app developers.

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