One Million Danes Still Have Landline Phone

Landline phone’s death are greatly exaggerated. They continue to live in the best of health at more than one million Danes.

One million Danes pay still more than 1,600 kronor a year to have a landline phone, even though they may not use it so much. It writes our site.

The latest figures from the Business Agency shows that there are exactly 1,025,492 subscribers who pay to have a landline connection. According to Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, so is it TDC which have 910,000 of these subscriptions.

It also means that it is equivalent to the customers in the year paying TDC button 1.5 billion kroner, to have the phone and landline phone’s death is standing – in other words, greatly exaggerated.

TDC’s competitors, however, may welcome the fact that the number of fixed-line subscriptions have more than halved since 2007.

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