Nokia E5 in the Test

The Nokia E5 conquers the third rank of the Smartphone leaderboard despite an old Symbian with excellent laboratory values and practical facilities.

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Smartphones have a long tradition at Nokia with full typewriter keyboard. The most recent copy of this messaging specialists that is very popular among the business clientele is the E5 for cheap 249 euro. It relies on the same form factor as the nobler siblings E71 and E72 and is available in white or black.

Light and shadow on the front

With large-size metal buttons on the front and the also metal battery cover Nokia has pretty packed the E5, the matte plastic surfaces provide for a secure grip on the phone. So equipped the Finn makes produced significantly more than expected is the cheap price. Especially since the processing also gives no cause for criticism.

They must put up with the Nokia but elsewhere. As a small handicap the display turned out to be in the test. The display is quite small with just 2.4 inches and dissolves only with 320 x 240 pixels. So, the E5 fined its owner to a lot Scrollarbeit when browsing.

Also the reproduction of images or movies is not one of the strengths of the E5. For it knows the typewriter keyboard, which fails here even more richly than at the big brother Nokia E72 to convince. With their large and arched top pushers she can be very comfortable. The pressure points are cleanly defined, each time is pressed, the buttons give a tired-sounding sound, which confirms the input. Also the bright illumination of the keypad is useful in everyday life. The 5-way control earned praise thanks to good operability and its backlash-free ways also.

As the user interface, a S60 version adapted to the screen format is used for the E5. Which is it certainly something hard who has come with Symbian but never in contact at the beginning with the handling. In some places, the operating concept has gotten just too complex, and the numerous, often nested menus with many items not necessarily simplify the handling.

Has to come to terms with this fact and invested some brain lard in the incorporation, operation but is no biggie more because – especially as the E5 has to offer some tidbits. About the icon, which adapt to their desires can be like. Five different versions are the users for this.

Great facilities, top laboratory values

The equipment has very few gaps. From HSPA over Wi-FI to the free GPS navigation, the E5 has everything on board, what you would expect from such a phone. To the device via the quick Office program can edit even word or Excel files, call individual functions via voice command or via voice output to read messages. Clients for Facebook and co. are also on board as instant messaging and E-Mail.

A gala performance delivered the E5 in the laboratory of the Test factory. No matter which measurement was also standing – the Nokia has mastered all tasks presented him with flying colors. The endurance is 22 days standby and almost eleven hours of talk time on the E NET at a good level. Especially relevant for daily use typical endurance in the mixed mode can convince with 3:27 hours.

To join the very good send – and receive properties and a clear, well understood acoustics. So equipped, hardly anything in the way is calling also in rural or other underserved areas. One must be the buyer but clear: multimedia fun and mobile surfing experience are not the thing the E5.

Data sheet

Operating system Symbian OS 9
Processor / clock speed (MHz) ARM 11 / 600
internal memory (MB) 187
Memory card slot MicroSD
QWERTY keyboard / touchscreen / multitouch / /
Battery type / variable Li-ion /.
Headset / data cable /
Size of memory card 2 GB
Charging cable for the car / holder for your car /
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / LTE / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA 10 / 2.0
Wi-FI standard 802.11b / g
… Headset / Handsfree / A2DP / /
… Object push / OBEX / AVRCP / /
… SIM access, phone book / HID / /
USB type / storage / charging / /
Type / size (inch) TFT / 2.4
Resolution (PX) 320 x 240
Number of colors 261 thousand
Call list / language selection /
Situation profiles / airplane mode / vibrating alert > 6 /. /
Handsfree / mute /
Email / POP3 / IMAP / HTML / / /
Contact management
Phone numbers / E-Mail addresses (number per contact) 7 / 3 / 3
Image / notes field / date of birth / /
Appointment management
Day / week / month view / /
weekly / annual events /
Alarm clock when device is off
Sync: Outlook / Mac /
Notes: Outlook-sync
Look at Word / edit /
Consider Excel / edit /
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo / /
Web / frame / Java / Java scripting / / /
Flash / https / home / Favorites / /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera
Resolution (megapixel) 5
Receiver GPS / A-GPS /
Navi-software / onboard / offboard Ovi maps /. /
Navi / route planner Full version /.
Dimensions in mm 115 x 59 x 13
Weight (grams) 123
Endurance D power (hours) 8:24 am
Endurance interview E-Netz (hours) 10:41
Endurance conversation UMTS (hours) 2:38
type. Endurance (hours) 3:14
standard radiation factor / SAR value (manufacturer) -0.24 / 0,880


ENDURANCE (125) poor 62
Endurance talk (35) 13
Persistence display mode (90) 49
EQUIPMENT (175) poor 81
System (65) 18
Scope of supply (0) 0
Display (40) 18
Connectivity (20) 11
Phone features (10) 10
Messaging (10) 9
PIM (0) 0
Office (0) 0
Web browser (10) 5
Camera (10) 2
Music and video (5) 3
Navigation (5) 5
HANDLING (75) very good 65
Ease of handling 38
User interface 17
Processing quality 10
MEASUREMENTS (max. 125) sufficient 74
Transmission and reception quality GSM (15) 15
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30) 30
Acoustic measurements send (30) 14
Acoustic measurements received (20) 15
tested in issue: 02/11
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points sufficient 282


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