Nexus 6p Leather Wallet Case

It is not easy to find good accessories for the Nexus 6P. All the more pleasing when suddenly find something that stands high. German Made From Lederschmiede. I received a few weeks ago for the Nexus 6P the G.4 Leather Case. About German made. and their high-quality leather cases, which I bought and used in recent years and some still use, I will report again.

The usual germanmade. quality is also this time felt. The sleeve is made of great strength is incredibly well anfühlendem cowhide. You can not and will it simply no longer acceptable from the hand.

A handy pull tab facilitates the removal of the device, which is inside the way protected by wool felt. On the side, from which protrudes this pull tab, there is a slot-insertion of space for driver’s license, bank card, memo or bill provides.

Who never had a German made. Sleeve Case or held in his hands will be surprised how firm, thick and robust feel these. Many could too big and too thick to appear, but exactly what distinguishes this type of Sleeves and Cases. Robust, durable and incredibly well made. A Case made ​​for eternity.

The German made. G.4 Ledersleeve for Nexus 6P is initially quite tight. Pulling out is an ordeal, despite the pull tab. Patience is also required in the first few days until the leather has adapted to the shape of the Nexus 6P. To make some courage, after a few days it is noticeably lighter. The more often and longer you use, the sleeve, the better it is. Before slipping out of the device have to be the way for the time being not to worry. It fits snugly and securely.

The Nexus 6P is protected in G.4 Ledersleeve round. Whether handbag, travel bag or backpack, the unit is securely packed. Qualitatively, there is nothing to complain about.The best materials, a solid and accurate processing, the G.4 Ledersleeve has everything a made for (almost) forever product excels.

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