New Nokia Lumia Model Revealed by Game-Site

A new Lumia model number has been revealed by a game-site, which records all the telephones that use their site.

In a few weeks be expected Nokia to unveil new phones or tablets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Until the final presentation, we can only speculate about which products will be presented.

However, from time to time we get some indications that new devices are on the way. Such indication has come via games site our site, which produces games for Windows Phone.

Occasional Gamers register for whatever devices that make use of their site. The website has registered a new Nokia Lumia model with the model-number RM-860, writes our site.

We do not know as much about the device, but it is probably intended for North America, because the device register on the website as: “RM-860_nam_usa_100”.

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